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MC Granite Countertops is your best source for high-quality, durable stone for your house. With the best selection of marble, granite, quartz, quartzite, and soapstone countertops in the area, there’s a pattern to suit every taste. Opting for stone counters raises the value of your home and adds luster and shine to your kitchen or bathroom. With years of experience installing stone counters in the Lincolnton, NC, area, MC Granite is the preferred choice for homeowners.

Replacing your existing countertops with lustrous marble or sparkling quartzite begins with a visit to a local MC Granite showroom for a consultation with a friendly design representative. Your personal taste, the size of the room or rooms you wish to renovate, and your budget will be considered, and several options presented. Your preferred pattern and edging will be custom-cut and installed on the day you choose. The expert contracting team not only replaces your old counters – we also remove them and dispose of them, saving you the hassle. You’ll be cooking in your dream kitchen that same night.

Countertop Designs & Installations

MC Granite Countertops has specialized in stone-working for years. Using advanced technology and only the best tools, our work delivers the beauty and finish you desire. Laser edge measurements and water jet cutting ensure that each countertop perfectly encases your sinks and fits snugly against your appliances. It’s the attention to detail and commitment to expertise that makes MC Granite the preferred installer in the area.

Elevate your Lincolnton home style and discover the MC Granite difference by contacting us to get your project started.

Granite Specials in Lincolnton, NC

Absolute Black India comprises natural quartz, feldspar, and other minerals from Indian quarries. Its deep, midnight sky color with slight grey crystallizations beautifully reflect light and look elegant in any space. Absolute Black India’s classic beauty lends a timeless touch...

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