Marble Countertops in Charlotte, NC

Marble Kitchen Countertops

Here is everything you need to know about marble kitchen countertops.
In MC Granite we have numerous marble countertops for your kitchen. Which one would you choose?
If you have any doubts, here is some information of marble kitchen countertops.

Marble countertops for kitchen, what are made of?

Marble countertops are made from a metamorphic rock and are used for kitchen decoration. To get a good idea, metamorphic rocks transform over time due to intense pressure and heat. Initially, marble starts as soft limestone made of calcite. When exposed to high heat and pressure, the limestone recrystallizes, changes its texture and causes the calcite crystals to interlock and grow to form marble.

The diversity of marble countertops allows homeowners to get unique kitchen countertops.

Advantages of marble kitchen countertops

Heat resistance
Aesthetic appeal

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