Countertops with a Lifetime Warranty in NC


This letter of warranty shall have full validity only when the customer has registered within 30 days of purchase, and when customer submits the original invoice (indicating the purchase date).  In order to be effective, this warranty must be registered online on the website:

What this Lifetime Limited Warranty Covers:

All decisions regarding this Lifetime Limited Warranty are at the sole discretion of MC Granite Countertops.

  • Defects in fabrication of the registered owner, as determined by the National Stone Institute
  • Defects cause by improper installation
  • Seam performance for one year
  • The Limited Warranty covers only the repair or replacement of the actual section of the material that is determined to be defective by MC Granite’s investigation.  No other cost, expenses, materials, labor, damages or reimbursements associated with the damaged products are covered under this Limited Warranty

What this Lifetime Limited Warranty does NOT Cover:

This Lifetime Warranty is null and void unless the Product has been paid for in full.

  • This Lifetime Limited Warranty does not cover scratches or stains.  Proper care must be exercised, we strongly recommend the use of a cutting board as part of your care and maintenance for kitchen countertops.  Spills should be cleaned promptly.
  • This Lifetime Limited Warranty does not cover damage to product due to high heat or excessive or prolonged exposure to heat overtime, even though stone countertops are very heat resistant and unlikely to scorch, thermal shock or cracks may occur.  It is recommended that your protect your countertops from extreme heat by using trivets or hot pads, as damage resulting from heat is not covered under this warranty.
  • This Lifetime Limited Warranty does not cover color variances, minor imperfections, pitting, chemical abuse, damage due to settling or inadequate support, cracks,.
  • Staining due to chemicals such as but not limited to paint, putty oils or residue oils, acids, metal cleaners, oven cleaners, solvents, and alkalis.
  • Countertops moved from their original permanent placement.
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Seam placement or location, color or appearance of seams, color match from piece to piece, seam separation due to movement, impact, excess weight or settling of building. Caulking is not covered.
  • MC Granite Countertops is not responsible for damage or injury caused in whole or in part by acts of God, job site conditions, architectural and engineering design, structural movement, acts of vandalism, or accidents.
  • This Lifetime Limited Warranty does not cover Product that you, the customer, decide you do not like after installation due to color, edging styles or other options based on personal preference.

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